Home Patrol


Unitrunker now supports the Home Patrol receiver. The HP is novel in that it provides discriminator audio over the factory provided USB cable. The radio does so only when the Extreme Update is applied. You can read about the update at www.homepatrol.com. Connect the radio's USB cable to your computer and create a new receiver in Unitrunker:

  1. Select the Receivers tab.
  2. Press "+".
  3. Press "Inline". The receiver window will appear (pictured at left).
  4. Set the Model to "Home Patrol 1".
  5. Set the Role to "Signal".
  6. Set the serial port to your radio's port (sorry, with USB serial ports, you're guess is as good as mine).
  7. Set the baud rate to "115200".
  8. Start the decoder: set the run state to "Running".
  9. You should see the raw data output screen.
  10. Click on the Scope tab; wavy lines will verify you have signal.

You must know the active control channel frequency:

  1. Enter the frequency on the radio's touchscreen.
  2. Set the modulation (bottom right) to "Auto" or "NFM".
  3. Set the filter to "Off".

With a good signal, a site window should appear momentarily.


Click on the Scope tab. You should see an animated squiggly line. If it's flat or does not move, make sure the decoder is running and raw data output is enabled. That's the discriminator audio. When you're done, set Unitrunker's Home Patrol receiver window from "Running" to "Stopped".

The program manages placing the radio in and out of raw data output mode. Operating the menus manually while decoding can take the radio out of raw data output mode. To recover from this, go to the Unitrunker receiver window and stop / re-start the decoding receiver.

Home Patrol firmware 2.3 allows you to disable low-pass filtering of the disciminator audio. This filtering prevented decoding of EDACS standard signals. Make sure the Filter option is set to off. Leaving the filter on does not impact EDACS narrow, APCO P25 or Motorola decoding. If you have firmware 2.2 or older, see the Uniden wiki for update instructions.

Note: the radio will also dump decoded control channel data to its built-in SD memory card. Unitrunker does not support importing / ingesting the data to gleam site, channel and talkgroup information.

© Copyright 2012 Rick Parrish