Configure your receiver


Read this explanation of the different classes and roles of receivers for decoding and voice following.

Inline Decoding

These models provide decoded control channel data over the radio's PC-I/F port. This is the same port used for cloning, programming, and computer control. Here's a table showing which formats are understood by which models. Also shown is whether the model supports computer control (eg. for voice following).

PSR-310No YesYesYesYes
PSR-410No YesYesYesYes
PSR-700No YesYesYesNo

When operating the above models as an inline signal role receiver, the program will command the radio to enable the CC dump feature. On a proper shutdown - the radio will be directed to turn off CC dump.

PSR310 | PSR410 | PSR500 | PSR600

Normal operation for the 310/410/500/600 is to place the radio in Tune mode and select an active control channel. Selecting a programmed TSYS and selecting Analyze will also work. Again, you'll need to select the active control channel. For extended logging over long periods of time, program the radio to monitor a single talkgroup that is never used. The radio will follow the control channel as it changes. Voice calls won't interrupt control channel monitoring.

I recommend using PSREdit or Win500 software to program your scanner.

PSR700 | PSR800

For Unitrunker monitoring, you don't want the radio to scan across multiple sites because it will give the program fits and likely result in cross polluted system data.

To return to normal listening, disable this special scan list and enable whichever scan lists suit your needs.

You can program multiple systems this way. To switch systems from the radio's front panel, select the placeholder talkgroup associated with that system. Unfortunately you can't enable / disable sites from the radio. That requires another upload from the EZ Scan software.

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