The Utah Radio folks have drafted a user guide for Unitrunker. Here's a summary of the program suite. Go here for the downloads.

What's New

2015/08/01Displays RSSI, window and applied correction;
2015/06/16Multiple VCOs for AirSpy and Realtek SDRs;
2014/11/29Discover mode; Chase with improved Dwell timer; integrated Pick Site dialog; Auto-correct for thermal drift in RTL2832U devices;
2014/09/07More sensitive decoding on RTL devices; suppress EDACS call termination beeps; history depth; plugged a memory leak;
2014/07/27Hold button; Analog audio to speakers; Digital audio to third party decoder;
2014/04/30RTL2832U + R820T;
2013/04/29Consolidation and Delegation;
2012/08/18Hotfix for zero fade and patch related crash;
2012/08/16Bug fixes and enhancements across the board;
2012/02/03Basic HP-1E support with 'scope;
2011/08/22Inline decode PSR800; prototype group & user;
2011/06/12"Pick One" download; PRO-107/PSR700;
2011/04/30Fixed online column for Users tab; auto-save; BCD396XT;
2011/02/12P25 C4FM decoding greatly improved; log file rotation bug fixed;
2010/12/31Disable ProVoice checkbox; Refactor Uniden code; built-in crash dump;
2010/11/21Motorola bandplan wizard; BCD396XT voice following;
2010/08/30Manual volume for Uniden DMA models; fix for Vista crash;
2010/08/15Tuner logging; auto enable CC data for XT models; BCT15X fix.
2010/07/08Crash on delete fixed.
2010/07/05Tab nav over timestamps fixed; other misc. fixes.
2010/05/16Fixed EDACS Site Pro and P25 bugs.
2010/05/09Commit/rollback logic removed; sitelock improvements; crash when editing grid cell re-sorts to bottom of table.
2010/04/11Bug fixes for Uniden XT models.
2009/11/15Uniden XT support fixed!
2009/10/22fix for EDACS takgroups.
2009/10/06fix for RR DB download of P25 site numbers and LTR talkgroups.
2009/10/01Unitrunker "hotfix" for Oscilloscope crash is released.
2009/09/28Unitrunker update to support the new Radio Reference SOAP interface is now publically available.
2009/09A short article on using XSL stylesheets to manipulate your Unitrunker data files.
2009/08/ turned off the old mechanism for downloading trunking data from the RR database. This has been addressed in the new release. Once other issues / bugs have been fixed, the new release will appear here.
2008/12/26split Site window previewed.
2008/10/21bug fixes and enhancements.
2008/07/28bug fix release.
2008/05/26The all-new Unitrunker makes an "alpha release" debut. The program carries a new user interface with expanded features over the previous generation (this obsolete version is no longer available).
2007A simple tuner app for Linux (and Mac OS/X and maybe *BSD).

Need Help?

Discriminator Tap Comparison with UniScope

Level up - use UniScope to find the right recording levels


Radio Reference Forums More

Check out these fine, free to use programs.

FreeScan for programming most Uniden DMA models.

Pro96Com for monitoring P25 systems with a PRO-96 or PSR500/600.

Treport and Trunk88 for monitoring Motorola systems.

Protocols Decoded

Discriminator Audio

Decode from any radio (including analog only models)

  • Must be tapped to provide discriminator audio.
  • Integrated Oscilloscope

Inline Decoding

These models decode without discriminator audio.


  • License
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x
  • 128 MB free RAM and 5+ MB free disk space
  • + more RAM to monitor multiple systems
  • + more disk space for extensive logging


  • Auto Signal Polarity
  • Auto Protocol Selection
  • Consolidation
  • Delegation
  • RR DB Download
  • Discover
  • Chase Control Channel
  • Event Logging
  • Decode Logging
  • Auto Log Rotate and Compress
  • Multiple Receivers (signal and voice)
  • Data Revision (option to rollback)
  • Multiselect for faster editing
  • Color Themes
  • Alerts - visual and audible

Voice Following

Software Defined Receivers